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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Coach Your Boss


Rather than leaving it up to chance or waiting around until your manager gets a clue that he or she is the person who needs to initiate certain types of conversations, you can be the proactive one and enroll your manager on establishing these new boundaries and expectations. Otherwise, if you are waiting for your manager to change or take the initiative, you may be waiting a very long time; possibly your entire career.

Sure, you can coach your direct reports. Now, expand your peripheral view of who else you can coach and positively impact. You can also coach your peers, as well as your stakeholders. What about your partners and customers? And, you can also effectively coach and enroll your boss.

That is, you can deliver your message in a more effective way regarding how you like to be coached, managed, held accountable, communicated to and supported. You can also discuss certain tasks, projects, problems, people or commitments in a way that won’t put your boss on the defensive and instead, create a healthy platform for collaboration and discussion.

So, how can you approach your manager in a way that would open them up to listen to you so that you can create new possibilities rather than another confrontation? It all starts by changing the conversation.

In this guide, Keith will share:

  • Why it’s the message that matters – and creates the results you want
  • How to break through the reluctance to coach your boss
  • How to shift from confrontation to conversation
  • Eight guiding principles to mindful of while coaching up
  • How to craft the right message while coaching up in different situations

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