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Praise for Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions:

There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching and this book is the best ever written on how to do it well.

Author of Getting Rich Your Way

This is a book that will truly take entire sales organizations to the next level. Keith is spot on, and his approach to accountability in the coaching process is what so many sales people and sales managers are missing.

CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

When it comes to building a top sales organization, Keith has got the market cornered on tactical leadership strategies for today’s workforce. Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions is a winning playbook for managers who need to strengthen and invigorate their sales team through executive sales coaching.

David Hirsch, Director of B2B Vertical Markets Group

Few management books are specific to salespeople and those of us who work with salespeople understand they’re a different breed. Keith Rosen’s book is a great one to study and apply or pick up here and there when you have a special need. His coaching ideas are clearly explained and easily executed.

Best-Selling Author of How to Master the Art of Selling

It has been an immense professional and personal privilege to have had the opportunity to work so closely with a world-leading master in the art of Coaching. Keith is an exceptional trainer who inspires and enthuses his audience. His passion for the coaching is evident in the way he shows up and conducts himself. He went to great lengths to understand our business and our company culture and has inspired many of our Sales leaders to become masterful coaches. I would highly recommend him both as a person and as a professional for any organization wishing to transform their Sales management team towards Sales management excellence.

Cillian O’Grady, Senior Director Business Development Group

Winning in sales is no different than winning in life. As someone who has done a lot of personal and professional coaching over the years, I see tremendous value for anyone who reads this book. If the reader will embrace Keith’s philosophy around coaching, they can certainly expect to win in all areas of their life, while making a profound and measurable impact on their salespeople’s performance and attitude.

Best-Selling Author of The Seeds of Greatness and The Psychology of Winning

Since Keith presented the program I have observed our working environment take big steps forward. Our reps are empowered and thinking creatively to create new possibilities for our business, thus the management team has relinquished our roles as “Chief Problem Solvers” which has allowed us to spend more time observing and coaching reps. Professionally, I am happier and with less stress than ever before. I can’t thank Keith enough for the impact he has made!

Jeff Ianello, Vice President

Fluffless! Rosen continues to give practical, A to Z how-to advice. After you read it, simply do it!

Author of Selling to VITO

Keith has done a tremendous job outlining the importance of coaching vs. managing. Implementing Keith’s playbook will drive the development of high performance salespeople and superior results.

Kelly Carioti, Vice President

There are very few good books published for sales managers and most of them are filled with biased ideology and abstract concepts. Keith Rosen’s book is refreshingly practical. It contains concrete steps on what to coach, how to coach and how to bring out people’s hidden talents without resentment, or frustration. This is clearly the best book on sales coaching I’ve seen in a long time.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher of Selling Power




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