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The good news, Coaching Salespeople Into Champions sells out on Amazon & breaks a new sales record, becoming the #1 Best Selling Sales Management Book last week. The bad news, they sold out of stock. The good news, the book supply has since been replenished and as such, I wanted to extend this book event for another 72 Hours to those people who wanted to order the book but emailed me about this out of stock issue. You still have an opportunity to take advantage of this event for the next 72 hours and get all the bonus materials from dozens of thought leaders that you get with your purchase. Click here to find out more.

I’ve confirmed that Amazon shipping status has been revised from sold out status and the book will now ships within 1 week. Below are the details of this extended event.

Get Your Playbook For Winning More Sales-Today

FACT: There has never been a more critical time for managers to impact performance in a way that brings in more sales and revenue & motivates teams to achieve greater success.

FACT: The majority of managers are simply not equipped with the right skills, tools and a tactical process they can follow to do so.

To win more sales today, you need to play by the new rules. Micromanagement and doing more of what you did yesterday doesn’t work. Learn what the world’s top sales organizations are doing to create sales champions by developing the new discipline of leadership.

“This is the best book ever written on sales coaching.” – Brian Tracy

Named Best Sales Leadership Book of the Year and one of the World’s Best Business Books of 2009, in Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions you’ll get a step by step, award winning process you can follow to coach your sales team to bring in more sales today.

You’ll discover how to:
* Blow your quota away and get your salespeople selling more today. (Most companies increase sales between 12-20%.)
* Turn underperformers into super-achievers in less than 30 days!
* Attract and retain top sales talent.
* Avoid the mistakes that lead to coaching failure.
* Coach your team to become accountable and self-motivated. Stop wasting your time continually pushing for results.
* Empower your people to solve their own problems and lessen their dependence on you.
* Eliminate time consuming distractions, fires and costly staffing problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place.
* Plus much more!

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