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The Consultative Sales Coach™

The evolution of selling isn’t more sales training but developing your salespeople into transformational coaches. The greatest salespeople are not great closers; they are the skilled openers of new selling opportunities. And more new selling possibilities are created by leveraging the technology of coaching so that you can coach your customers to succeed.

Win more business faster without the fear, pressure or anxiety associated with business development and selling. With Keith Rosen’s Consultative Sales Coach™ program, you’ll discover step by step how to make your presentations and the process you use when engaging with customers, peers, partners, prospects and customers more of a natural, consultative coaching conversation. Forget about having to “pitch” your prospects, and learn how to use this approach to fit your individual selling style – all without any pressure or manipulation.

If you have to sell or manage clients, this program will map out and refine your strategic selling process, including best practices around presenting, closing, cold calling and business development, eliminating your biggest challenges and giving you the tactical approach and champion mindset you need. Create great coaches who ask better questions and facilitate more powerful selling conversations that drive deeper engagement and greater results through a coaching framework for salespeople to partner account managers.

Doing more of what you did yesterday incurs too great a cost. To thrive today let alone survive, people need better answers, strategies and solutions by aligning how you sell with the new way your customers like to buy.

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