Time management


Own Your Day –
How to Master Time Management, Take Charge of your Day, and Create Your Ideal Life

Description: Are you tired of living in reaction? What would be possible if you lived with intention instead?

People work under intense conditions and pressure unique to their roles that traditional time management strategies fail to address. Consequently, many leaders believe it’s impossible to develop an effective routine for themselves and their direct reports when their time is consumed with phone calls, emails, meetings, challenges, competing priorities, as well as selling and serving customers. Here’s your chance to become hyper-productive while creating a well designed, balanced life.

The concepts and fresh, innovative ideas around self management, based on Keith Rosen’s new book, Own Your Day, challenge all conventional wisdom around time management and coach you to bring out your best while designing your ideal life. In addition to learning time management strategies that will have an immediate, positive impact on your life, you will learn how to coach your people to thrive and help them improve their daily productivity, performance, and personal accountability.

Discover how to:
· Reduce your daily workload and protect your time.
· Obliterate your never-ending to-do list.
· Make time your ally rather than your adversary by mastering the inner game of self-management.
· Develop a Personal Navigation System that aligns your routine with your goals, values, and priorities.
· Stop reacting to problems and become hyper-responsive so that you can take charge of your day
· Identify and manage the unplanned events that distract you from your priorities, cause stress, and waste time.
· Coach your direct reports on how they can improve their daily productivity, performance, and personal accountability.

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